The Life You Always Wanted Does Not Include Them

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Sometimes, as we get further along into a relationship, we realize that the person we thought was the perfect match does not share our dreams or goals, and we are left with two choices. Either we must relinquish the life we always dreamed we would have, or we have to cut ties with that person in order to have the life we want.

It can be hard to realize that the life we always wanted does not include them. Often, though we may not realize it, we have painted that person in the light (more…)

5 Great Ways To Rediscover Your Single Life

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After a break up things can get complicated. During this time it is easy to fall for someone else on rebound. The best way to get a handle on this situation before it gets out of hand is to re-evaluate your priorities. There are 5 great ways to rediscover your single life.

1. Do not commit to a serious relationship with anyone. People you have just ended a relationship is emotionally vulnerable. Guard your heart.
2. Do not accept dates right away. Instead reinvent yourself. Do something for yourself that is long overdue. Get a new makeover, a (more…)

Does This Breakup Have Any Chance Of Being Mended?

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Breakup’s can be hard, and sometimes you are unsure if you can mend the relationship that you had prior to ending the relationship. The first thing you must do is evaluate the situation. Ask yourself if you are truly interested in making the relationship work, meeting your partners needs, and if you can really get over the reason that the two of you broke up. Next you need to see if your partner is even interested in getting back into a (more…)

How Soon To Wait Before Starting To Date Again?

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You just went through a breakup and have had your heart smashed. Breakups can shake you to your core and make you feel like you never want to even try to date anybody else ever again but the truth is, with time, you will probably be thinking differently.

There is no exact formula for when you will be ready to start dating again. Everybody is different. A time of mourning after a breakup is normal. Taking some time alone to reflect on your past is healthy, as long as it doesn’t go on for an (more…)