How Soon To Wait Before Starting To Date Again?

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You just went through a breakup and have had your heart smashed. Breakups can shake you to your core and make you feel like you never want to even try to date anybody else ever again but the truth is, with time, you will probably be thinking differently.

There is no exact formula for when you will be ready to start dating again. Everybody is different. A time of mourning after a breakup is normal. Taking some time alone to reflect on your past is healthy, as long as it doesn’t go on for an extraordinarily long time. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you jump back into the dating pool:

Have you made peace with the breakup?
Would you consider getting back together with your ex?
Can you see a picture of your ex and not be bitter?

Reaching the point where you are comfortable talking about your past relationship with no bitterness or regret is a good indication that you might be ready to start dating again. It is a terrible cliche but time does heal all wounds. Even wounds of the heart that you think you will never get over will feel better after some time has passed.

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