Does This Breakup Have Any Chance Of Being Mended?

Posted under Uncategorized by admin on Tuesday 11 October 2011 at 12:00 am

Breakup’s can be hard, and sometimes you are unsure if you can mend the relationship that you had prior to ending the relationship. The first thing you must do is evaluate the situation. Ask yourself if you are truly interested in making the relationship work, meeting your partners needs, and if you can really get over the reason that the two of you broke up. Next you need to see if your partner is even interested in getting back into a relationship with you, or if they want to try to work on things. Unless the two of your are both committed it will never work.

Why did the two of you break up? If this is a problem do to careers, location or family then the odds are that it will not work again. If the ending was over silly fight, misunderstanding or lack of communication than the two of you may still be able to have something special together. Talk with your partner to see what is going through their head a few days after the break up. Often people need a little bit of time to get some clarity, and to see what they really want. You can miss something unless its gone, and maybe that’s what you both need.

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