5 Great Ways To Rediscover Your Single Life

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After a break up things can get complicated. During this time it is easy to fall for someone else on rebound. The best way to get a handle on this situation before it gets out of hand is to re-evaluate your priorities. There are 5 great ways to rediscover your single life.

1. Do not commit to a serious relationship with anyone. People you have just ended a relationship is emotionally vulnerable. Guard your heart.
2. Do not accept dates right away. Instead reinvent yourself. Do something for yourself that is long overdue. Get a new makeover, a go back to school.
3. Take time out for yourself. Plan a long trip. Visit friends or family for a week or two. Time away from the situation at hand, gives you enough time to heal and see things from a different angle.
4. Focus on what is best for you. Set new goals for your new life. You are now in charge of your destiny, make the best of it.
5. No regrets. Do not look back at ‘what if’s’. This is your chance to evaluate your life and decide which direction you need to go in, to make life better for you.

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