The Life You Always Wanted Does Not Include Them

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Sometimes, as we get further along into a relationship, we realize that the person we thought was the perfect match does not share our dreams or goals, and we are left with two choices. Either we must relinquish the life we always dreamed we would have, or we have to cut ties with that person in order to have the life we want.

It can be hard to realize that the life we always wanted does not include them. Often, though we may not realize it, we have painted that person in the light we wanted to see them in. We were so in love and so blinded by it. They, in turn, pretended to be what they perceived we would like. In response, we subconsciously determined what it was they liked and became that ideal.

This could only have lasted for so long. After a short or long time, depending upon how large the mutually constructed facade has become, we will come to realize that we are not what we have perceived each other to be. No matter how in love we are, if we are truly not compatible with each other, the relationship will only work if one or the other of the partners maintains a lie. So, as sad as it might be, we eventually find out that the life we always wanted does not include them.

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