10 Signs That The Relationship Was Already Over

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Before a relationship officially ends, there are usually several clear signs that things will soon be coming to a close. Ten indications that a relationship is over are listed below.

1. One person has rented his or her own place and moved out.

2. The couple hardly spends time together anymore.

3. Both parties make separate plans for the holidays.

4. One or both partners begins to see other people.

5. One of both parties becomes sexually involved with another person.

6. Part of the couple has decided to move across the country.

7. The couple rarely shares meals together.

8. Friends start trying to fix up one or both of the partners with other people.

9. No one refers to them as a couple anymore.

10. One of the parties initiates divorce proceedings.

Many ways exist to ascertain whether a relationship is over, although it’s common for some to remain blind to the signs.

5 Great Ways To Rediscover Your Single Life

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After a break up things can get complicated. During this time it is easy to fall for someone else on rebound. The best way to get a handle on this situation before it gets out of hand is to re-evaluate your priorities. There are 5 great ways to rediscover your single life.

1. Do not commit to a serious relationship with anyone. People you have just ended a relationship is emotionally vulnerable. Guard your heart.
2. Do not accept dates right away. Instead reinvent yourself. Do something for yourself that is long overdue. Get a new makeover, a (more…)